Qualitative Analysis of the Cintas Corporation


Cintas Corporation is a company that provides exceptional services and multiple businesses to the American community. The company headquarters are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Richard T Farmer founded the corporation in 1968 after quitting his family laundry business. Initially, the company majored in laundry business but as time passed by the firm developed additional products and services expanding the corporation scope of goods and services offered to its clients. The multiple sales and service provided by the company are divided into segments, which are uniform rental and facility services, first aid and safety services, and other minor services. The company has been trading in the global market under the symbol CTAS. It has registered gradual growth over the years receiving a publication from fortune and, at the same time, the company has recorded increased profits consecutively. According to Fortune America, the company is the most admired and, according to the Business Magazine, it is the company best employer, the company has an average of 30, 000 of employees. This paper will analyse Cintas Company qualitatively.


To study the corporation in detail, I applied qualitative research method. When researching about a company qualitative analysis, the industrial cycle, business management, and labour relations are investigated (Pickard, 2012). In quantitative analysis, the research focuses on statistical data. Example number reported on the balance sheet. The two methods are interchangeably used to evaluate company operations. Quantitative analysis, use of exact inputs, for example, profits, multiples earning, and debt ratio. The statistical data collected can be plugged into a computerized system, and accurate results are acquired (Pickard, 2012). Qualitative analysis deals with tangible and in specific concerns found in the social and experimental activity than mathematical activities. It deals with the task intelligence machines cannot accommodate to.

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative research is designed to give in-depth details of human behaviour and the reason that governs the behaviours exhibited. The research method investigates reasons why and how decisions were achieved. Qualitative data is the data that cannot be reduced to numbers. The data is related to behaviour and values. The qualitative data can be acquired in audio recording, video recording, unstructured text that include group discussion and interviews or structured text that includes writing, survey comments, articles, and books. It also examines the subject under the study through observation of numerical statistic and statistical analysis. Questionnaires are also used to help in the acquisition of respondent’s mathematical representation of a study. Interviews can be collected about the company from the consumers. The process is time-consuming unlike quantitative analysis.

Element Considered in Company Qualitative Analysis

When studying a company qualitatively, the company management team educational background is reviewed, the management experience is crucial for any business, what is the control record of hard work and decision-making. The management past reputation and interaction with the staff and trading partners is examined, as it can directly influence company operations.

The company employee view of the management is reviewed. This aids to establish whether the employees are well motivated and satisfied with their job positions, or do they hate their managers. Employee turnover shows their loyalty levels. Through the quantitative research method, the work culture in the corporation is examined; answering a question like does the company culture a favour to the employees? Or is it selfishly coined to suit the management? Customer satisfaction is another area that can be investigated qualitatively to understand the business success and failures. Customers insights help explain the company real operation success and failures. Business model and competitiveness in the market can be investigated qualitatively

Cintas Company Qualitative Analysis.

To study the Cintas Company I used data acquired in articles, books, and data acquired through self-observation. Looking through the company website the product consumes have given their insight and comments that served as source of my data and assumption of the company performance especially consumer satisfaction.

Cintas Company, in this case, offers its services locally and its business are segmented. The company competitively compete with local, regional, and international companies that provide similar services. The competitiveness varies across the company local operations. To make their product and services a success, the company products are versatile, the prices are affordable, and the quality of services is good; this has resulted in increased demand for their services over those of other competing companies. The company provides its services and sell products to the consumers through local segments and branches, an example in their rental uniform and ancillary products. The uniform direct sales, first aid safety, and fire services segment provide their services to the consumer through distribution networks and local representatives. The company has an average of 8000 local delivery routes, 364 operational facilities, and eight distribution centres. To enhance the business service delivery and maximize customer satisfaction the company by May 2015 had employed approximately 32000 workers and over 200 of them were represented by the labour union (Cox, 2015).

The uniqueness of Cintas Company is characterized by stakeholder’s special relationship that has resulted in company success. The company culture is based on trust, corporation, respect, and integrity. The company has shown concern for their stakeholders through appreciation. The recognition has been demonstrated through, competitive prices, profits, safe working environments for their workers, stock ownership opportunity, a variety of insurance policies for stakeholders to choose, and wellness programs amongst others. The company actively offers support for the country by providing first aid and safety services that include fire services and first aid services for tragedy victims. The corporation provides donation worldwide that includes cloth gift to impoverished children and at the same time donate medicine through the healing hand programs in the developing countries. The firm commitment to helping the society has proved the company virtue of dedication and citizenship, and, at the same time, the company culture is upheld winning the company a secure position in the market.

The company acquires finished products from available suppliers. Cintas has five manufacturing facilities that offer standard uniform needs. To purchase the companies materials like fabric for their uniform manufacturing from different available suppliers ensuring steady supply throughout. The company is subjected to the company and environmental laws and regulation equally to other company making rental costumes. The company ensures that the environmental measures and standards are adhered to by setting aside enough capital for environmental management services. In 2014, the company had set aside $ 21 million for water treatment, waste management and removal. The company has, therefore, complied with the environmental laws securing their position in the market and protecting the company from closure.

The company has used the internet for their product and services sale. Www.cintas.com is used as their route distribution channel. In the website the company details are available, the company new services and products are launched in the websites. Other information available on the site includes a news release, financial reporting, and analyst findings. This allows any investor or stakeholder to access the information quickly and free of charge. The consumers who want the company services can write to the company or call the business service provider with the number indicated in the websites that are, 1-800-SEC-0330.

Cintas company objective is to exceed customer’s expectation by providing exemplarily service delivery to all their clients. To achieve this, Cintas Company has designed a business strategy that aims at achieving revenue growth, exceeding product and service penetration to the consumer. The plan of activities is created to allow increased partnership and the introduction of new product and services in the corporation that were historically available. To make the product and service delivery penetrate well across the market to the target consumers, the company has hired well-skilled operators and employees.

The employees are well talented and are equipped with diverse skills that they can offer to the customers whom they visit and interact with on daily basis. Keeping connections with their clients enables the company to maintain well, and close personal relationship, wining consumer loyalty. The healthy relationship and the active distribution system provide good grounds for launching additional products and services in the company. The company has well-developed marketing channels and a well-trained sales team in all segments. The sale team can sell the company product from the diverse sector to the wider community.

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